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     Yesterday I had a ugg party at my house.  You can book a party online and then a lady comes to your house with samples of uggs.  You invite all your friends and they can buy real uggs for cheaper.  It is like a jewelry party or a Tupperware party but with uggs!  They had all kinds of uggs, they had pink,brown, purple, red and even knit ones.  We did lots of cleaning before the party and bought lots of food too.  There was so many people who came!  I ended up buying two pairs of uggs.  I bought a grey knit pair and a teal pair.  It was a lot of fun and we sold a lot of uggs! 


     Today I went to go see New Moon!  It was amazing.  Even though we went through a lot to see the movie it was still worth it!  First, our tickets we not working so we had to buy new ones!  Then my friend kept making me laugh and this grumpy old lady yelled at us to be quiet.  Also, there was a baby in the theatre screaming it’s head off.  It was all worth it because I loved the movie.  I actually enjoyed it better than twilight.  I am still Team Edward but man Taylor Lautner is really good-looking!  Maybe someday I will be Team Jacob.  I loved New Moon and hopefully they will make Eclipse!

     This summer I went to go see the Jonas Brothers in concert for the second time !  It was so much fun and yes I did lose my voice from screaming.  My three friends, me and my mom drove  to Toronto and then had dinner.  We were going to go see them at much music but we didn’t get there in time because there was a lot of traffic.  Then it was time for the concert!  We headed to the Rogers Center to see the concert.  This time we got to go by ourselves while my mom and her friend went out for dinner.  The concert was amazing !  We got to see Jordin Sparks, Honor Society, Wonder Girls , Demi Lovato who was a special guest and of course the Jonas Brothers!  It was a really fun time and I will never forget it !

     You tough guys lift weights well we lift people! This year is my first year of cheerleading.  I wasn’t planning on trying out for the school team but my friends forced me too.  The first tryout I didn’t have clue how be cheery like the coaches were.  After practicing it a few times I started to like it.  So I made the team and I was glad my friends convinced me to tryout!  I really enjoy it now.  Next year Westlane cheerleaders are going competitive !   I am so excited for that and on Wednesday night all the cheerleaders are going to a cheerleading class to learn all the stunts, jumps and tumbling for next year.  I am so happy to being doing this now and hopefully I make it next year for competitive season next year!

    Tomorrow New Moon finally comes out!  I have been waiting for the movie since I finished watching the first one at the theatres.  There has been so much more hype for this movie than the first one.  The stars have gotten extremely famous in a matter of two years!   The books are more popular now too because people who never heard of the books but heard of the movie want to go out and read it.  I was a twilight fan right from the beginning!  It was really exciting and there was just the right amount of romance and just the right amount of action too.  Hopefully this movie will be as good as the first one and as good as everyone expects it is going to be.   I am so excited to see it, I can’t wait !

     Soccer is one of my favourite sports.  I have been playing it since I was four years old.  Up to about two years ago I never really enjoyed it as much as I do now.  I have never played travel because I thought it would be too much with all the other things that I do.  I am probably going to keep with house league for a long time because it gives me something to do in the summer.  Soccer is a great way to have fun, meet new people and get some exercise !

     I have been taking piano lessons since I was seven.  My mom got me started because she took lessons when she was a child.  She said she didn’t enjoy it as much as she does now.  She loves that she can just sit down on the piano and play a piece.  
     My bestfriend and I have been taking piano together since we started.  We have played duets together and have won first place a few times.  I do play in competions.  I have played in Kiwanis and CKC.  
     Three years ago I had to get a new teacher because my old one moved away.  My new piano teacher is really nice and she is very good at what she does.  Both of my teachers have taught me so much.
     I stopped competitions last year because I don’t really enjoy them that much and I get really nervous.  Now my goal is to get my grade 8 piano exam this year or next year and my grade 2 theory exam.  If I get both of these I get a credit for highschool.  I hope someday I will enjoy piano as much as my mom does and  be able to just sit down and play a piece of music.


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  • Kristin: How did you sign up to host an ugg party ? I have been trying to find out for a while now !
  • mary Cullen: Hi I would like to have a ugg party
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