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     Today is the last day of our english class Nablopomo.  It was a big challenge for me because near the end I started to run out of things to write.  The funny thing is the last days I started thinking of tons of ideas to write about!  So I might keep blogging after Nablopomo ends.  I know how to post a video now but it was really hard to figure it out the first time.  My first video that I made myself about my neighbors christmas lights wouldn’t upload.  So I keep fooling around with it and eventually it just worked!  During Nablopomo I learned things about my classmates that I never knew before. It was very different from any other projects I have done and it was more interesting then writing long boring essays. 



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  • Kristin: How did you sign up to host an ugg party ? I have been trying to find out for a while now !
  • mary Cullen: Hi I would like to have a ugg party
  • mary Cullen: I would like too have a party.