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Facebook Groups That Are So Random But Make So Much Sense!

Posted on: November 29, 2009

     Now I know my friend Nicole wrote about this in one of her blogs but it was so true that I wanted to add on to it.  On Facebook there is a whole bunch groups that you can join.  Some of them are the most random things you can think of but you do them in everyday life without thinking.  For example I just joined one today that was When I read capital letters THE VOICE IN MY HEAD YELLS!  Or I am Canadian therefore I live in an igloo and ride a polar bear to school!  I am currently joined to 34 groups and I have 178 pages I am a fan of .  It is crazy how many groups you can join!


1 Response to "Facebook Groups That Are So Random But Make So Much Sense!"

wow you definatly like to join alot of groups

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  • Kristin: How did you sign up to host an ugg party ? I have been trying to find out for a while now !
  • mary Cullen: Hi I would like to have a ugg party
  • mary Cullen: I would like too have a party.


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