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Childhood Television Shows

Posted on: November 26, 2009

    Don’t you just love talking about what television shows you watched when you were little.  My friends and I talk about that all the time.  In fact we were just talking about it today in french class.  Some of the shows I watched when I was little was Elmo’s World, Barney(of course), Bananas In Pajamas, Blues Clues, Seasame Street, Pokadot Shorts, Comfy Couch and Pengu.  On Facebook everyone was talking about how Blue from Blues Clues is a girl!  I spent my whole childhood thinking Blue was boy.  Also now the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street is now apparently called the Veggie Monster.  He still eats cookies but only for dessert because he has to eat healthy food first.  Personally I like the original Cookie Monster better!


3 Responses to "Childhood Television Shows"

They totally ruined the cookie monster!

Yea I used to watch Blues Clues a lot when I was little, it was my favourite show. 😀 I do agree, it’s fun talking about your favourite show when you were little, even embarrassing moments….sometimes.

I actually cant believe that blue is a girl, and magentta is a guy!
thats soo wierd!!

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