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Italy Trip 07 :)

Posted on: November 25, 2009

     Two and half years ago I went on a trip with my dad’s whole side of the family.  It was myself, my sister, my mom and dad, my uncle and my aunt,  my other uncle my grandparents and my two cousins.  When we heard we were taking a trip to Italy my sister and I were so excited!  It was the first time we had been outside of North America and the first time we went on a plane.  It took us eight long hours on the plane to get to Italy.  We got there we were so tired.  We were up for more than twenty-four hours.  After we settle in our rooms we met our tour guide and we were off to our first excursion Rome!  We traveled all over Italy in the matter of two weeks.  We went to Venus, Verona, Florence, Pisa, Sorrento and more.  We met all kinds of people all over the world.  There were two other children on the tour and they were from New Zealand.  After the tour we went to Nusco my families home town.  We saw were my grandparents used to live and met some relatives.  Then it was time to go home and we brought lots of memories with us !


1 Response to "Italy Trip 07 :)"

your soo lucky!
I want to go to Italy SO badlly!! (:

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